Enjoy your life pain-free, with our results based approach, combining clinical experience with the best physical therapy has to offer

Pain as a symptom, is merely the body’s alarm system to alert you that attention is needed in a specific body region. Pain is similar to the smoke detector in your home, it only detects smoke (the effect), not fire, which is the root cause of the alarm. Merely shutting off the alarm (i.e. the use of pain medications, store bought remedies or, anti-inflammatories) will not put out the fire or treat the cause of the problem, but it may actually reduce your ability to address the problem as it spreads.

Our therapists take a holistic approach to facilitate healing and self-empowerment. Rather than just eliminating or masking your symptoms, the symptoms are instead used as a guide to look below the surface, for the ROOT CAUSE.

Our hands-on, manual therapy approach is used to correct your bodies normal biomechanics and restore it’s normal joint function. PUTTING OUT THE FIRE! This creates results, which not only reduce pain, but tap into your body’s natural healing properties. This clinical excellence, combined with our empathetic bed-side manner, and customer service we provide, is why we stand out as the premium physical therapy center. It is the elevated level of care that you should expect from your healthcare providers.

  • Manual Therapy

    Restore your proper joint and muscle movement with our gentle, and specialized hands-on physical therapy techniques.

  • Conveniently Located

    Central and easy access to our two locations in Denville and Florham Park.

  • Your Insurance

    We participate and accept a wide variety of different health insurances, including Medicare, Blue Cross, Aetna, United Healthcare, and many more. Call us today for more details.

  • Free Consultations

    See what great physical therapy can do to alleviate your condition. We offer free consultations to speak with one of our expert physical therapists.

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What Our Patients Say

They are excellent at what they do and are easy to work with!


Their knowledge and willingness to answer all the questions I asked, exhibited THEIR high standard of professionalism and commitment.


My P.T. sessions were actually enjoyable – I always left feeling like the effort made a difference!


I think it is important to stick with one therapist. At this office, I always saw the same therapist.


I have attended Joint Care Physical Therapy in Florham Park for shoulder and back injuries, and my results were very positive.  Dan Streeter was my physical therapist caring for both of my injuries.  He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough.  Not only did Dan help my body heal through massage, stretching, exercise, and heat and ice therapies, but he also developed a personal exercise regimen to take home with me to incorporate in my everyday routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I highly recommend going to Joint Care Physical Therapy in Florham Park, NJ.


The quality of my physical therapy would rate 10 out of 10.

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