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Diet and Exercise

Both are FREE to download. Just visit each site and get your digital copy today!

Diet and Exersice
Healthy eating habits and regular exercise are the pillars to a healthy lifestyle. Below you’ll find some resources to ensure you make the right decisions in your exercise routine and diet.

The MacroNutrient Diet – www.macronutrientdiet.com

Learn a simple way to live a healthy lifestyle and get the lean body you want. The MacroNutrient Diet is different than other diet books because it focuses on teaching you the facts about food and nutrition. Most diet books teach healthy eating habits that can be effective in the short term, but rarely produce sustainable results. The MacroNutrient Diet’s unique approach to presenting facts about food in short and powerful chapters to equip you with strategies that will allow you to enjoy a long term healthy lifestyle!

Exercise – www.stopexercising.com

Exercise is one of the leading causes of injury. The number of exercise injuries in both home and gym workouts has risen exponentially over the last decade due to extreme training methods and a lack of fitness education.  Arm yourself with the fitness knowledge needed to promote muscle and joint health at www.stopexercising.com.

Combining years of published, scientific research with clinical experience, you can learn the methods and fitness intelligence to stay healthy and get life-long results!

In the News

JointCare Physical Therapy is proud to support local events supporting a healthy lifestyle and local charities. Most recently, we attended the Denville Triathlon and passed out bananas to the athletes.
See article: www.northjersey.com/community-news/hundreds-try-their-best-at-denville-triathlon-endurance-test-1.1386132?page=all

Morris/Essex Health & Life ranked JointCare Physical Therapy the best providing physical therapy for 2015.
See Rankings: www.healthandlifemags.com/morris-essex/April-2015/Best-Beauty-Health-Services-in-Morris-Essex-Counties-2015-Readers-Choice-Awards/

Fitness Center

Not all fitness centers and gyms are alike. Most people are seduced by the size, or the price, but these serve as poor predictors of whether you will successfully participate in a fitness regimen. Gyms tend to offer you the fanciest and latest equipment, but will you be able to use it properly, or is it suited for your size and ability. Having a knowledgeable staff including physical therapists, personal trainers, and educators, we can tell you most fitness studios look like they are state of the art but under closer examination, fail the client. Equipment tends to be chosen by professionals who have very little experience with people either new to fitness or with any kind of physical limitations.

Although they charge you an initiation fee, it usually amounts to accepting your payment, showing you around and patting you on the back. But, how are you supposed to learn and use all of the equipment or even properly to get healthy results? The reality is that weight training injuries are on the rise and most people in gyms are incorrectly using machines.

Your membership is important to us and so is your health. As physical therapists, we have taken the time to hand pick our weight machines and cardiovascular equipment with your posture, biomechanics and technique in mind. You WILL NOT experience another fitness facility that has gone to such lengths in ensuring your success! We offer a FREE 30 day fitness membership upon discharge from physical therapy to allow you to safely transition out of rehabilitation and into your own independent fitness program.


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