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JointCare Physical Therapy holds its employees to the highest standards.  Our clinical staff is hand selected for their expertise in manual therapy and the management of your orthopedic conditions.  Our team offers a unique, eclectic blend of manual therapy specialties including Mulligan, Maitland, McKenzie, and soft tissue mobilization—to name a few.

Some of our clinicians are the only Physical Therapists in Morris County to possess certain advanced credentials.  Some of our clinicians have even taught manual therapy to students at the university level and to licensed therapists for continuing education credits.

The team emphasizes the fundamentals of patient care including, building lasting relationships with patients, perfecting the art of bedside manner, and providing the highest level of evidence based treatment designed to get people results.   We ultimately work to empower our patients to make responsible decisions for long lasting health, happiness, and an elevated quality of life.

Our administrative staff is also highly trained to make sure that your experience at our office is a successful one. Our front desk staff will gladly verify your insurance benefits, manage the scheduling of your care, and provide any administration support needed during your time here.

If you have questions or concerns about our team’s background and specialties, please fill out the contact us form at the top of the page.  We personally guarantee that a member of our clinical staff will contact you within 24 hours to address your concerns.  And at no cost, we’ll take time to personally sit down discuss your concerns and needs in our office. Call today to schedule your FREE consultation.

Clinical Staff

  • Jonathan Di Lauri
    Jonathan Di Lauri

    As a lifelong resident of Florham Park, Jonathan created JointCare Physical Therapy and Fitness Center with the vision to.......

  • Daniel Carroll
    Daniel Carroll

    Dan emphasizes a patient-centered, fundamental approach to physical therapy. Where there is stiffness—restore mobility. Where there is weakness—restore strength........

  • Daniel Streeter
    Daniel Streeter

    Dan’s approach to physical therapy revolves around his relationship with his patients. He values working with his patients to.......

  • Kevin Devenney
    Kevin Devenney

    Kevin takes a unique hands-on approach to physical therapy and couples that with his passion for functional exercise. His.......

  • Abigail Newman
    Abigail Newman

    Abby strives to provide patients excellent care guided by her strong clinical decision making skills and influenced by empathy.......

  • Aaron Weiner
    Aaron Weiner

    Aaron views himself as a teacher when he approaches his patients. He believes that addressing the root cause of.......

  • Caroline Schmitt
    Caroline Schmitt

    Caroline strives to provide patients with optimal care by keeping each patient the center of every treatment session. She.......

Administrative Staff

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